At Glamping Skovgaardsminde, the Weather Guarantee is included with the purchase of all stays.

You are responsible for keeping an eye on the weather forecast and if you wish to make use of the weather guarantee, it can be used no earlier than 48 hours and no later than 24 hours before check-in. Please send an e-mail to GLAMPING@SKOVGAARDSMINDE.DK and we will help you find a new date. The stay will not be refundable and must be used in the current season.

You are free to move your stay to another available date if promises are made during your stay:

  • Less than 5 degrees of heat
  • More than 8mm of rain
  • More than 10+ m/s winds

In these areas, we have the best experience with DMI's weather forecasts, therefore the common starting point is the local weather forecast HERE

In extreme weather situations, we reserve the right to move or interrupt your stay. In such situations, we will find another available date for you. 

Visit by Tillys Travel at Glamping Skovgaardsminde

"Even in the rain it was a pleasure to be glamping in Skovgaardsminde! The tent was nicely decorated and cozy, and it was fun to cook on the fire. The rain limited us a bit in terms of activities, but in return Lisanne and Karina had provided our tent with various games."
Mathilde O, 11.08.2021