If it's your first time glamping, we know you might have a lot of questions. In our FAQ Glamping, we have gathered the most common questions.
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Check in is at 15.00 - Check out is at 10.00

Included in the price for 2 people
  • Breakfast in the morning
  • Coffee and tea (warm yourself over a fire)
  • Bed linen and made beds
  • Private camp with fire pit, table/bench set and hammock
  • Private primitive WC attached to the campsite
  • Free use of shared sauna
  • Shared outdoor cold water shower
  • 1 box of firewood for the fire (more can be purchased when you are here)
  • 2 bikes
  • Weather guarantee(read more here)

All stays include breakfast. Every morning you will receive a breakfast basket with bread, cheese, cold cuts and eggs that you cook over a campfire. There is also some juice and fresh fruit. We shop locally and organically.

Coffee and tea are included and available in the tent throughout your stay. You make your own water for coffee, tea and washing up over a fire.

Dinner can be purchased. These are delicious dishes from Mattson Nielsen that you cook yourself over a campfire. Buy it individually, combine it with other options or make it easy and delicious and buy one of our campfire boxes.

Small Campfire Box:
1x Bubbles of apple cider wine
1x Vegetarian campfire food
1x Popcorn
The campfire boxis suitable for 2 people per night.

Large Bonfire Box:
1x Bubbles of apple cider wine
1x Vegetarian bonfire food
1x Sno bread
1x Pancakes
1x Bottle of blackcurrant rosé
The bonfire boxis suitable for 2 people per night.

Read more about the food from Mattsson Nielsen here.

Yes - one of the things many people look forward to is cooking everything over a campfire. If you're not used to it, you'll find that you have to be both creative and patient. On the other hand, we like to think that food tastes much better over a fire.
For us, cooking over a fire is the epitome of slow living. 

All tents are equipped with plates, cutlery, cups, water glasses and wine glasses for 4 people. In addition, there are cutting boards, knives, wine openers, potato peelers, can openers, bowls, egg cups etc.

For cooking over a fire, we have 1 pan, 2 pots, a grill grate and various tongs. 

So we've made sure there's equipment for simple cooking. If you know in advance that you need something specific, we recommend that you bring it yourself.

At Glamping Skovgaardsminde, guests do their own dishes. Since we're in the middle of nature, insects and animals can easily get into the tent when there are dirty dishes and leftover food.
For the same reason, we also encourage you to think about what food you bring into the tent.

You'll find everything you need to wash up in the campsite. Dishwashing tub, brush and soap, as well as a tea towel and a cloth. The water for the dishes can be heated over a fire.

All camps have their own primitive toilet. This is a classic camping toilet where you open the door to a tank and pump water in yourself. Toilet paper is thrown in the trash bin located in the toilets.

You wash your hands outside at a water dispenser. There is hand soap and hand sanitizer at all toilets.

Yes - We have a cold water outdoor shower that can be used by everyone. It's a great experience to take a shower in the open air. It's located close to our sauna, so feel free to take a cold rinse in between your sauna session.

Towels can be purchased at the time of booking. You are welcome to bring your own towels.

Yes - The sauna at Glamping Skovgaardsminde is free to use. The sauna is wood-fired and guests are responsible for lighting the fire themselves. It heats up in less than an hour, so turn it on a little before you need it. Firewood for the sauna is included. 

Towels can be purchased at the time of booking. You are also welcome to bring your own towels.

No - As part of the Glamping experience, we have duvets and pillows for everyone and everything is made up for you when you arrive. 

Yes - You are welcome to bring your own drinks and food to Glamping Skovgaardsminde. 

If you want it easy and delicious, you can buy both a large and small fire pit, where we have gathered some of our popular options. 

In your tent you'll also find a minibar with a variety of drinks.

Yes, all tents have padlocks so you can lock up after yourselves. It may seem silly to lock a tent, but from an insurance perspective, your stuff should have been locked up in case of an accident.

We do not recommend children under the age of 12 at Glamping Skovgaardsminde. We do not have a playground or other activities for children, as we specialize in tranquility, presence and nature, which caters to a more adult audience. However, we know that every family is different, so if the kids thrive without a playground or electricity to charge the iPad, we can still offer the forest in the backyard and the beach which is only 2 km away.

By default, our tents are for 2 people, but you can opt for up to 2 extra beds in each tent. We make up with box mattresses so that everyone at Glamping gets the full experience. The price for extra beds is incl. breakfast.

No - we don't have heating in our tents, but instead we've provided some really nice thermal blankets to keep you warm at night.

No - Our tents are sustainable and unpowered.

Food is stored in the coolers in the tent. If you have booked more than one night, you will receive new freezer elements every day.

The string lights in the tents are solar-powered and there are candles to keep you cozy. If you need power for your phone, you can rent a power bank during your stay.

No - There is no drinking water at the tents.

Each tent is provided with 20 liters of water for cooking and washing up. If you have booked more than one night, you will receive 20 liters of water every day. 

No - But there is a cool box with freezer elements. If you have booked more than one night, you will receive new freezer elements every day.

No - we do not have Wifi in the tents, but we hope you will look forward to a "digital detox" and enjoy a nature experience in each other's company far away from everyday electronic devices. 🙂

No - All tents are provided with a box of firewood and if you want more firewood, it is possible to buy it out here. If you have booked more than one night, you will receive a box of firewood every day.

No - unfortunately, dogs and other pets are not allowed at Glamping Skovgaardsminde.

Yes - Your family or friends are welcome to come over for dinner or a glass of wine. They don't have to pay anything to come and visit you. If you want extra beds in the tent, please book in advance.

We wish we could guarantee sunshine and clear skies for all our guests, but unfortunately, rain and wind are just part of the summer package in Denmark.

Luckily, all the tents are surrounded by a peaceful forest, so we are protected from the worst of the wind. And year after year, we see that guests can ACTUALLY cook over a fire even if it's raining a bit. We have some large parasols, so if it's not windy, you can actually sit under them and still eat outside in the warm summer weather. There's also a café set with a table and chair for 2 people inside the tent where you can retreat to. 

We value the good experience very highly, so if the weather is not with you, you can take advantage of our weather guarantee.
It is included in your stay. The weather guarantee means that you can move your stay to another available date if the weather forecast exceeds a certain amount of wind or rain. It is 100% up to the guests themselves to make use of the weather guarantee in time, unless there are extreme weather conditions where stays have to be canceled.

Read about the weather guarantee here

There are two beautiful beaches just 2 km from Glamping Skovgaardsminde. Hou Nordstrand and Hou Sydstrand are located on either side of Hou's cozy harbor. Bikes are included in your stay and it doesn't take much more than 10 minutes to cycle to both. 

Between Hou and Hals there is a 10 km stretch of coastline with several well-known beaches. Among them is Bisnap Strand, which has been named one of Denmark's best beaches for several years in a row. 

Take advantage of the calm waters with a SUP ride, which you can rent during your stay. 

The large Hou Forest is just 200 meters down the dirt road from your Glamping tents. There is a rich wildlife in the area and you won't have to look long before you spot a pheasant, a hare or a deer. Or if you're lucky you might spot an owl, a woodpecker or a fox.

"Fantastic place where it is possible to experience time standing still."
Heidi Birkler