At Glamping Skovgaardsminde you can look forward to a relaxed nature experience close to forest and beach, where you take everything at your own pace. You will be greeted with North Jutland charm, cozy details and not least local produce, in and by the nearby nature. The only thing you need to think about is preparing your food over a campfire - we have taken care of the rest. Our tents are placed at a good distance from each other, in a small open meadow, surrounded by a peaceful forest. So you can enjoy nature and each other undisturbed, while the fire crackles and the birds sing.
Our goal is that all guests leave with renewed energy and an even greater love for nature and each other.

Glamping Skovgaardsminde 202216


We've made it easy and convenient for you to get out and enjoy nature in a new and different way. Glamping has the best of a hotel stay and the best of camping. You get the service and comfort of real beds with duvets and pillows, and real glassware and cutlery. All while making use of it in the middle of nature.


We have done a lot to ensure that you can vacation with a clear conscience. All tents are without electricity and all light runs on solar cells. We have a strong focus on shopping locally and organically, which is reflected both in your breakfast, but also in the minibar, which you will find in the tent.

Glamping Skovgaardsminde 202218
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At Glamping Skovgaardsminde we have made sure that you have to think of as little as possible. The tents are furnished with a large double bed, a small table seating and the bed is already made when you arrive. There is everything you need in terms of kitchen utensils for simple cooking. All camps are furnished with their own fire pit, a table bench set and chairs, as well as a private camping toilet. In addition, there is access to a primitive outdoor shower that can be used by all.


We are Lisanne and Karina, your hostesses at Glamping Skovgaardsminde. We welcomed the first guests at Glamping in 2020 and have since then received happy guests every summer, on our small fine meadow in North Jutland.
We are newcomers ourselves and fell in love with the area back in 2019. The nature here on the Danish east coast is beautiful and mild, versus the Danish west coast as a more raw.
Therefore, we were in no doubt that we would like to offer others to enjoy the nature we have here around the farm Skovgaardsminde.
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Glamping Skovgaardsminde 202220

"What an experience at Skovgaardsminde Glamping. Everything was top notch from super fantastic host couple to delicious facilities, where there was a cozy decor in the tent and thought of all the practicalities in respect for nature. We highly recommend a stay here, where we left a completely fantastic experience richer. Thank you very much Lisanne and Karina."
Ole Bols



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Have you never heard of Glamping in Denmark?
Glamping has been a well-known holiday form abroad for many years and in 2020 the Danes really opened their eyes to the new holiday form and we are proud that Skovgaardsminde has been involved from the start to define Glamping in Denmark.

Nowadays, the term "Glamping" is widely used for all kinds of different overnight stays in nature.
If you ask us, we stick to the traditional origin of the word and concept "Glamping", which is a contraction of the English "Glamorous Camping" or as it sounds in Danish "Glamourøs Camping".
A large tent, with hotel-like facilities, where the tent is pitched for you, the bed is made and you do not have to bring your own glasses, plates and other utensils for cooking. You can just sit back, enjoy each other and nature, while the slow way of vacationing #slowliving crawls under your skin. Here you cook your own food over a campfire in the primitive way, while staying overnight in luxurious surroundings in nature.

Why we define Glamping Skovgaardsminde as "primitive luxury"

We believe that Glamping in Denmark is here to stay and we are pleased that every year we get more and more glamping colleagues throughout the country. It brings greater attention to the nature-rich form of vacation and it gives a deserved attention to our beautiful Danish nature. It creates varied experiences and creates space for even more people to take nature vacations in their own country. It is both good for the climate and for the conscience.