Around the fire

(Posting date: 05.02.24)

EVENT: Around the Fire

On 12.05 - 13.05 and 30. 06 - 01.07

We have teamed up with Lukas from Rundt om Bålet and he will be visiting Skovgaardsminde twice on selected dates in 2024. Here, good food will be the focus, along with your Glamping stay.

Lukas is the man behind Rundt om Bålet, he is a trained chef, hunter, fisherman, herb nerd and much more - and you will quickly notice his passion for creating experiences around the fire. On a daily basis, he holds cooking classes outdoors, where all food is cooked over a fire.

For these events, we gather our Glamping guests around the campfire based on our shared core values of Presence and Nature (and good food of course)

Lukas explains and shares his expertise about nature, seasons and food. You'll start the day together with the other Glamping guests, then retreat to your own campsite to prepare the final dishes and eat separately. So be sure to pick Lukas' brains and we guarantee you'll take your dining experience to the next level.


14.00 - Joint welcome - Bonfire coffee, juice & spin
14.30 - Joint foraging trip in the area
15.15 - Check in in tents
16.15 - Joint "cooking school" - where we prepare and prepare the evening's menu together and individually.
18.30 - Everyone retires to their own camps, where you are responsible for lighting the fire and putting the finishing touches on the food.
(Lukas is nearby if you want some final advice from the chef)



Appetizers/snacks are prepared together, so it's ready to eat once you've settled into your own camp and got the fire going.

The main course is pre-prepared in advance, so it's easy to prepare and can be ready in about 10-15 minutes. With just a few utensils. For example, something needs to be fried, something needs to be warmed, something needs to be grilled and finally served.

The dessert will be almost ready to serve. The last things need to be arranged and maybe something needs to be grilled/flamed.

Lukas, demonstrates preparation and serving in the communal kitchen before you retire to your own camp, where you put the finishing touches on your 3-course dinner around the campfire.

See prices and read more about the event here:

The Around the Fire event takes place on 12.05 - 13.05 and again on 30.06 - 01.07

You can register for the event by finding the dates in the booking calendar. You are also welcome to contact us by email GLAMPING@SKOVGAARDSMINDE.DK

We'relooking forward to some amazing events around the campfire.

With love,
Lisanne and Karina M. Brorsen
Owners of Glamping Skovgaardsminde