Glamping Skovgaardsminde

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A stay at Glamping Skovgaardsminde wouldn't be the same without the natural surroundings. We take great responsibility in treating nature with respect and want to support the organizations that promote Danish nature every year. 

It makes sense for us to try to balance things out. At Glamping Skovgaardsminde, we like the idea that nature gives us and our guests so much every year. So it's only fitting that we also give a little back to nature.

Naturfonden works very closely with Glamping Skovgaardsminde. They have a large restoration project underway in Hals Mose, where they have reversed the development and there will be more raised bog and more wild and varied nature. Fields have become nature. The rare swamp birch forest has become untouched natural forest and the life-giving water has been brought back to the old bog. We often see Denmark's largest birds close to us. These include Golden Eagles, White-tailed Eagles and Cranes.

Hals Mose is located 5-6 km. from Glamping Skovgaardsminde and there are some really nice hiking trails in the bog.
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Glamping Skovgaardsminde has supported Naturfonden with 1m2 of wild nature per booking every year since 2021.

We are so happy for each and every one of you who visit Glamping Skovgaardsminde every year. The figures have been finalized for 2023 and we are very happy and proud to be able to support Naturfonden with 182m2 of wild nature.
Thank you to all of you who have booked with us in 2023. It makes us very happy to be able to help the Danish nature so much

Glamping Skovgaardsminde

Since we made the choice to move from the city to the countryside, we've learned to appreciate nature in a whole new way.

Firstly, we are much more outdoors. Obviously because we work outside for a large part of the year in connection with Glamping, but secondly because we simply can't help it.

The nature here in North-East Jutland is so alluring. The seasons are much clearer and we find genuine joy in seeing the first winter sparrows sprouting, hearing the lark sing and seeing how nature and trees change colors and formations all year round. Every single day we are privileged to be able to choose whether to walk the dog in the forest or on the beach. We would never trade that for anything else.

Thank you once again to all of you who visited Glamping Skovgaardsminde in 2023. We will of course continue to support with 1m2 of wild nature per booking again in 2024

You can buy the fine nature and forest certificates and support Naturfonden here: